About PHP Fibers

PHP Fibers is one of the leading suppliers of high performance yarns in the automobile sector. Our varied and high-quality polyamide and polyester yarns are used in a variety of areas such as airbags, safety belts, reinforcements in tyre design or even in drivebelts and hoses.


PHP Fibers‘ portfolio also includes special types for other challenging technical areas of application such as roofing and sealing membranes, textile construction, sail cloth or sewing threads. Our brand names DiolenŽ (PET), EnkaŽ Nylon (PA 6.6), EnkalonŽ (PA 6) and StanylenkaŽ (PA 4.6) are known around the world and are well-accepted.


In order to be able to keep up with the continuous development in the global fibre business, PHP Fibers places high value on research and development to optimise existing types and to develop new products. A good example of this is the first-time development and production of an airbag type at the beginning of the 90s.


PHP Fibers‘ largest production location is in Germany at the Obernburg site on the grounds of the ICO (Industrie Center Obernburg). Further details are available at


PHP Fibers supports the European fibre network through its active work in various associations and institutions such as the European CIRFS (European-Man-Made Fibres Association; www.cirfs.org) or the German association IVC (Industrievereinigung Chemiefaser e.V.; www.ivc-ev.de).