PHP Fibers HSE Policy Statement

PHP Businesses hold Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) as essential values, consequently HSE is integrated into all operational activities as a key line management function. It is fully integrated in day-to-day operations. We will conduct our activities in compliance with Health, Safety and Environmental legislation.

PHP commits to the development of an environmentally sustainable business. Therefore the principles of the Responsible Care® Programme are actively supported. We will seek continuous improvement in HSE performance by attention to the design of systems of work, processes and products. Therefore, targets are set and their attainment is evaluated regularly to comply with legal requirements.

To achieve this, PHP Businesses will:

  • Work towards the prevention of all injuries associated with our activities and those of our contractors
  • Seek to conduct our activities so as to prevent harm to the health of our employees and others associated with our products and processes
  • Aim to conduct our activities so as to protect the environment by preventing or reducing the environmental impact of our products and processes
  • Provide HSE training and education for our employees
  • Motivate and expect our employees to work in a manner which promotes high standards of HSE performance
  • Monitor HSE performance and report openly on progress
  • Seek to ensure that our customers are informed of relevant HSE issues associated with the use and disposal of our products

Original signed by Jochen Boos

IVL Sustainability

Sustainability at PHP Fibers as an Indorama Ventures (IVL) company means business growth with positive environmental and societal continuity, and managing the Triple P of Profits, Planet and People. This includes economic, environmental and social risks, obligations and opportunities.


For further information take a look at the latest IVL Sustainability Report: