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PHP Fibers and employees donation: Support in times of Corona

PHP Fibers and employees donate a total of 35.000 Euros for regional aid organizations!

When the corona pandemic broke out, Indorama Ventures (IVL) set up a fund of 2,5 million dollars for global aid measures. Each of the IVL company sites, of which there are over 100, nominated institutions and aid organizations active in their regions to which the money is to be donated. This ensured that the individual amounts could benefit those affected directly.

PHP Fibers, part of the IVL Mobility Group and the largest company in the Industrie Center Obernburg in Germany, surprised various charitable institutes with the impressive sum totaling 35.000 Euros. The employees of PHP Fibers have sent a fantastic signal of fellowship and solidarity with the most vulnerable in our society: By making personal donations, they doubled the amount of 17.500 Euros provided by the company – in spite of corona and reduced working hours!”

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