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The global portfolio of PHP Fibers includes high quality polyamide and polyester filament yarns for industrial uses. PHP is one of only a few suppliers globally which produces both polyamide and polyester high-tenacity yarns. 

Each of our high-tenacity yarns has been tuned to specific properties, performing successfully in various fields of technical applications where safety and reliability are the key requirements.




Brands and Main Applications:

   Coated and uncoated broad fabrics 
   Mechanical rubber goods (MRG)
   Other Narrow wovens (Belts, Slings)



Enka® Nylon
   Mechanical rubber goods (MRG)
   Coated and uncoated broad fabrics
   Sewing threads



   Ropes and Nets



   Special sewing threads
   Transmission belts




Information PHP Fibers GmbH (Europe):



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Information PHP Fibers Inc. (USA):


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