Automotive Safety

Since the early 60's for seatbelt and the late 80's for airbag, PHP Fibers is one of the leading suppliers in Europe for the automotive safety supply chain. We deliver consistent high-quality material as well as continuous support regarding developments and improvements for automotive safety applications.



Following the more stringent legislation and growing consumer safety awareness, today’s cars contain more seatbelts and airbag fabrics than ever before. To best fulfill these demands, our Diolen® yarns for seatbelts and Enka® Nylon yarns for airbags have been continually developed and have proven their excellent quality for decades.



We are constantly working to improve and further develop to meet the growing requirements of our automotive customers.  In accordance with stricter environmental regulations we have reduced waste and emissions generated during the conversion and weaving process.



Car producers expect highly efficient logistics and added reliability on the part of their supplier to support their global platforms. With a wide experience in the development and production of high-performance yarns, PHP Fibers is committed to meeting the industries’ most stringent demands.



Please contact our support for automotive safety applications at our Wuppertal office.