Tire & Technical

Tires require lifetime reliability and safety. Our Enka® Nylon (PA 6.6) types have successfully fulfilled these requirements to the highest standards for many years. Our yarns have been approved with the major tyre companies and the technical leading manufacturers rely on our yarns.



Enka® Nylon has a track record as cap-ply material in high and ultra-high performance passenger car tyres. New types and counts offer solutions for improved rolling resistance through specific properties. 



PHP’s high-tenacity yarns for MRG applications provide high adhesive strength to rubber as well as high dimensional stability when exposed to strong forces and high pressures. Our portfolio of yarns is used as state-of the-art reinforcement material in various products in the MRG industry, such as conveyor belts, hoses, transmission belts including V-belts or air springs.



Nets for fishing and fish farming demand further properties like knot strength, mesh stability  and good ultraviolet stability – all characteristics that are met by our high-tenacity Enkalon® (PA 6) filament yarns.



PHP Fibers has also developed a complete range of high-tenacity Enka® Nylon yarns for sewing threads. These yarns are the material of choice for all sophisticated sewing thread applications where thermal stability and abrasion resistance combined with high-tenacity are essential.



Stanylenka® (PA 4.6) yarns with its high heat resistance capacity are the right choice for sewing threads for airbag applications. PHP Fibers is the exclusive supplier worldwide for this type of specialty yarn.



For detailed information please contact our sales and technical manager in Wuppertal.