Weaving (especially broad fabrics) covers a wide and diverse range of various applications, where PHP Fibers supplies both polyester and polyamide, to provide our customers with high-quality yarns to meet the demanding needs of the various end-uses.



Typical uses in this market segment are textile constructions, sailcloth, geotextiles, tarpaulins, roofing membranes, billboards or inflatables. These fabrics, coated or uncoated, may be woven, warp-knitted or produced as laid scrims.



PHP Fibers as one of the relevant players offers a broad portfolio of Diolen® (PET) or Enka® Nylon (PA 6.6) filament yarns to a market, where fiber cleanliness, uniformity and high processing efficiency are key factors in the production of industrial broad fabrics, as well as high strength and dimensional stability.



Furthermore, excellent optical quality and translucency are of outstanding importance for textile constructions, tents, billboards and sailcloth. Ultra-low shrinkage - a major feature of Diolen® 170ST and 174 - is crucial for all those fabrics (except sailcloth) processed at higher temperatures. 




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